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ACTIVITY: Corporate Identity Appraisal. Brand Styling. Intranet. Online Communications.

McCain remains a family business and the signature style of the logo reflects personalised qualities the board wish to retain.

Our challenge was to make all corporate communications contemporary, visually interesting and, most importantly, consistent.

We reviewed all applications, formalised use of the logo and created a simple graphic asset as a complimentary device to provide the desired interest, continuity and recognition.
The device is borne from the juncture of the star element within the existing corporate logo. Magnifying these elements underpins the established corporate logo through a harmonious device that is timeless and flexible.
The asset has multiple uses and benefits;
• No language or cultural barriers
• Provides mastheads or signatures for documents
• Highly flexibility and adapts to any format or reproduction process
• Opens boundless creative opportunities for professional designers