ACTIVITY: Corporate Identity. Logotype. Brand Style, Brochures, Stationery, Livery, Signage.

With roots in air movement, the concept underpinning the SCS logo is based on a fan.

Like the business it represents, this dynamic identity has earnt its worth – proving to be an effective, arresting and memorable tool. Now, SCS confidently project the qualities of the national building and maintenance reputation, proudly built over 20 years.

Using a spectrum of colours provides impact and represents core services in Mechanical/Air Conditioning, Electrical and Renewable Technologies Рbringing it all together. The icon is equally effective reproduced in single, flat colour at any scale.

The definition, value and benefit of a client’s business, brand, product¬†and/or service is our primary goal;

We proposed SCS establish this through a defining strap line;

‘Electrical, Mechanical, Building – Bringing it all together’.

We build on the benefits of these combined services to introduce further strengths in the same theme;

We do this in a consistent text format to the defining strap line with a quirky-take on headlines; ‘Precision, Insight, Experience…’ – ‘Passion, Knowledge, Accountability…’ – ‘Flexibility, Clarity, Teamwork…’ – ‘Past, Present, Future’ – all reflecting SCS’s Skills, Service, Expertise – Bringing it all together in a sector ever-demanding more depth.