Baccal Beag®

ACTIVITY: Market Research. Brand Story Evolution. Hand Drawn Lettering. Period Typography. Illustration. Product Identity. Packaging. Labelling. Stationery. POS.

This story began with a bootlegger’s perfect refuge.

The isolated Highland region of Camusteel was neglected by the Victorian establishment and provided a perfect haven for the picaroon character, Baccal, to experiment with his clandestine copper still.

This wild peninsula provided inspiration to revive his rare recipes, borne from a region now regarded as an outstanding natural treasure.

The brief, to explore this captivating coastal drama, resulted in our realisation of Baccal Beag®, a brand brimming with bygone botanicals, rebellion and corsair spirit.

Our client’s secretive, hand-picked, small-batch blend is aimed to become one of the rarest premium craft gins found in Scotland.

Branding. A Craft.