Healthcare Management Solutions is the UK’s Leading Care Home Management and Consultancy Business.

What the Group Chief Executive says;

“Working with Creatist is an immensely rewarding experience.

We get exactly what we need, when we need it – and the icing on the cake is we don’t need to sell our kidneys to get it”.

ACTIVITY: Consumer Marketing Support. Business to Business Campaigns. Design. Branding. Print. Web. Signage.

‘Excellence in everything we do’ is the defining aim for our client.

With B2B, Service User and Consumer marketing communication, the messaging is delivered in appropriate tone;

For the Financiers, Business Owners and Authorities, the single minded corporate proposition is delivered under the wise wing of the owl, with simple, strong imagery, uniquely retouched, to support the service range, integrity and products.

Consumer marketing supports 100s of Care Home locations with digital and printed materials presenting warm and welcoming environments in a family style of designs bespoke to each home.