UK’s No.1 grain business provides 25% of the nation’s baking and brewing grain.

ACTIVITY: National Brand Launch. Brand Style. HGV Fleet Livery. Advertising. Brochures. Online promotions. Exhibition and Display

Major launch of a new national brand, formed through a merger, nurtured by the English Food and Farming Partnership, Openfield now supplies 1 million tonnes of our nation’s grain.

Our brief, to launch, establish and then maintain a premium market position has resulted in a decade of innovative marketing communications.

These targeted campaigns have helped to establish a brand differential, generate new business and increase product awareness with some of the most trusted food and drink brands.

What our clients say

“The Agri-sector is diverse, highly mobile and, combined with scientists, growers, buyers and traders, we require communication on many levels.

Creatist consistently engage our diverse audience through all media – unsurpassed across the board.”

Head of Communications, Openfield