World’s largest safety training provider.

ACTIVITY: Corporate identity. Brand Styling. Promotional and Technical printed materials. Exhibition. Display. Livery. eBooks. Advertising.

An 80 year old organisation looking fresh faced into the future…

This dynamic brand style emerged from the energy we found running through the very core of the organisation – the people, their dedication, wisdom and enthusiasm.

From global hotel chains to local authorities, STA deliver accredited safety qualifications.

With bespoke software solutions for checking, monitoring and prompting hygiene and compliance, plus intelligently incentivised aquatic programmes, STA are leaders in their field.

What our clients say

“The new branding really reflects our values and has been a catalyst for positive change and motivation on every level of our operation.

The marketing materials have been a major contributor to our outstanding success – assisting the conversion of 90 partners in a new marketplace in the first year was particularly rewarding, as were the faces of the teams responsible.

We have received much praise for our products, expertise and the marketing support we provide”.

Operations Director,

STA’s Learn to Swim Scheme is utilised by over 10 million people in 22 countries.

The extensive scheme is designed to reward learners’ achievements from babies and children to advanced adults, able to less abled, in the water and life skills on land… an extremely exciting and challenging project to design the campaigns and certificates for each progressive stage of life, ability and culture…

We have developed Mascots, like the smiling Starfish, who are on a mission to create a fun, positive experience for young children whilst equipping them with key safety skills.


The Junior Lifeguard Academy runs alongside the swimming programme and offers alternative life skills both in and out of the water. Part of STA’s charity work, to teach water safety to save lives, even accommodates teaching in countries lacking pools, such as Vietnam, where lessons take place in rivers!

The Swim Academy joins the portfolio brand family. This product provides a sustainable, supportive, long term solution for leisure operators and has helped to increase swimming lessons in some local pools by 45%.